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« Excellence » - A New line of harpsichords

We are pleased to announce our project for “a new range” of instruments, meant to be accessible to anyone who loves music for early keyboards. To begin with, we will start with two single-manual harpsichords, one Flemish and the other Italian, according to the following criteria:

  • Excellent balance quality/price
  • Easily transportable sized instrument,
  • Optional system, allowing a personnalised configuration of the instrument,
  • Safe investment, instrument comforms to professional requirements
  • Exchange possibilities, if investing in a new instrument,
  • Interesting & personnalised offers when buying more than one instrument or grouped orders, special terms can be arranged

You are invited to follow the development of the project on this section of our Internet Site!

Are you interested in this new venture? Please do leave your comments & suggestions via our Contact Form mentioning:”Excellence”. This will help to make sure our service is even better!