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My name is Jean-Michel Chabloz, I began my own business making harpsichords in 1996.

For at least four generations my predecessors were master chalet builders, carpenters and wood dealers. I was brought up to appreciate tradition, local artwork and the love of fine craftmanship, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

At the age of twelve, I showed an aptitude for painting and had the privilege of being taught this skill for four years. At the end of my scholarship, I graduated as qualified cabinet maker.

After spending some time abroad, I met a well-known harpsichord maker who was then established in my own village. Totally captivated by his work, I decided to go and train in Amsterdam for three years, during which time I was able to help with making & restoring many instruments.

Since returning to my home country in 1993, I set up my own workshop in 1996. At this same time, I got married. Today, I am a busy but happy father of two girls and two boys.

I can honestly say I am enthousiastic about each aspect of harpsichord making. 
I personally choose the raw materials, especially the resonance wood for the soundboards. It is a very important matter of developing relationships with foresters, sawmills and other people in the wood trade, in order to build up my own stock of wood.

I certainly use all my skills to lovingly create my instruments, right down to the final touch!