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After sale services

Our instruments are living beings! They are entirely made out of wood.

Wood is a living and noble material!

So as to ensure our instruments have great stability, our manufacture takes great care in:

  • The choice of the raw materials
  • The strenght of construction
  • A constant check on hummidity
  • Attention to detail

Maintenance of your instrument

Any instrument needs to be taken care of regularly.

To provide a good follow-up for your instrument, we recommend you the following document:

(This document will be updated and completed from time to time. It is also likely to be improved or completed by your intervention. You are welcome to communicate to us any remark, documents or ideas in regard of it, as long as the piece of information you give is not subject to a copyright.)

Of course, we are at your entire disposal in case your instrument needs an intervention. Nothing goes right anymore? Please contact us via the contact form or simply by telephone. We will answer as soon as we can.