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The Four Seasons of the Alps

A unique harpsichords’ collection, conceived and realized by three artists from the Pays-d’Enhaut of Switzerland: A cocktail of passion, fervour and Helvetic accuracy …

“The four seasons of the Alps”, is meant to become a rustic and sophisticated collection of early keyboard instruments. The first piece of this collection is an Italian based harpsichord, representing the Winter.This magnificent and exclusive piece of art was created for you as a unique opportunity to experience, in your lounge, the warmth and subtle beauty of music and visualize tales of helvetic mountain life...for at once, the piece of furniture and the music instrument are gathered in a great combination.

Jean-Michel Chabloz, harpsichord maker native of Château-d’Oex, 
dweller of mountain origin and a man of passion, together with two 
local artists, Michael Rampa, a painter from the Pays-d'Enhaut and 
Jean-Marc Gaillard, a Gruyérien wood sculptor, have realised this work.

Made in old spruce, a wood typically used by Swiss shepherds in 
alpine valleys, the instrument birth follows Italian tradition dating 
from the XVIIth century, necessitating more than a year of research 
and execution. The paintings and frescoes shine with an influence of Balthus, with decorative motifs inspired by local museums. Sculptures result in a conjugation of diverse motif styles and naive fantasy.

The collection of baroque keyboard instruments, “The four seasons 
of the Alps”, is designed to meet a varied visual and acoustic 
palette. It also includes “The Spring”, also a harpsichord of Italian 
style but with a “Poya” (typical Friburgese sheperd’s scene) as lid painting.  “The Autumn”, a virginal, sort of English-Flemish square spinet, together with “The Summer” a claviorganum, a double-manual harpsichord coupled with a positive organ, are currently under study and will, upon completion, present a magnificent  and unique quartet of instruments.